DJ Freddy was born in the summer of '69 in Guwahati and spent his childhood and schooling days in Shillong. In Shillong, even as a child he was influenced by music. For Freddy, 'music is fuel to life'. He also adds that though he is a Dj he is still a 'rocker' by heart for his exposure to rock music at a young age in Shillong.

Trained under Jazzy Joe as Jazzy's very first student, Freddy has played in Delhi,Shillong and Guwahati. He ocassionally plays in the Tea garden club meets. A surprise break came through when he was offered to team up to open a club in Guwahati called 'Illusion'. A lot was learned by Freddy in terms of playing and managing a club at the same time. He says 'I got first hand experience by interacting with club goers and their taste of music'. Freddy till date remains an asssociate of club 'Illusion'. He plays retro, hip-hop, reggae, reggaeton, house, african house & electro music.

An economics graduate with a management in International Trade, Freddy (S.M.Farid) is into International trading and consultancy services but loves Dj'ing as music & only music is his fuel to life. He calls himself a 'Soldier of Fortune' as he believes we need to make the most of what life has to offer.


(+91) 9864028318
(+91) 9810440444


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