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What does Status mean?

Status gives information about the availability of an item.

How does Search work?

We are very proud of our search machine. You may search by title or by artist or format as long as your search does not include common words like 'the', 'in', 'of', 'best', 'to', 'music', etc. For Example, if you wish to find a Mohd Rafi record, don't type Rafi otherwise you will get all the titles which have the word 'Rafi' in their titles or descriptions. Try to type the unique name or number of the record you are looking for so you do not get numerous unrequired results. The more unique your search is with respect to your required record, the more precise results you will get. So, just input a unique word about your item in the box and then press "search".

Do the descriptions mirror your opinion about the music?

For a Record to be included in this catalogue, we must generally approve of their kind of music and quality of sound. We present here the full catalogues of these records, using in most cases the selling material, which the labels themselves have delivered for selling purposes, or include in their websites or at Wikipedia. In only a few cases, we have left the field empty, or we have filled in our own review.

Handling of Personal Data

No information will be disclosed about you, neither name, nor address and telephone details, not even items ordered. Your email address or email addresses of friends to whom you email an item description will be kept in our customer records and will not be given further. They will be used only by Jazzy Workshop for informing you about forthcoming releases, or upcoming orders. You will at any time have the option to ask to be removed from our mailing list.

Credit card details remain with the bank, if you pay online, or are being destroyed directly after payment procedures have been finalised by us offline. If you want us to keep your credit card on file for future payments, you will have to ask explicitely for it.

How does ordering work?

When you enter the first item to buy, a cart is automatically created for you. As soon as you login in Jazzyworkshop.com, this cart is being assigned to you and you may recover it anytime, if you happen to lose the connection, or if you want to take a break from browsing, while not yet done with your cart. When you finish with your purchases, you confirm the order by saving it. Thereafter you are being directed further, according to the payment option chosen. If the line drops, if your credit card does not get accepted, or if payment is not completed for whatever reason, you can regenerate this saved order into a new cart.

I wish to be receiving only part of your forthcoming releases e-mailing.

Every new subscriber receives automatically our new arrivals emails but not more than once a month. If you wish to unsubscribe, just answer such an email with the single word "unsubscribe" and send it to jazzyworkshop@yahoo.com . Please specify as accurately as possible your wishes and we will let you know whether we can accommodate them in our existing mailing categories.

Can I add an item to a saved order?

I did not proceed with payment and now the order is gone. Is there a way to regenerate it? If you have not yet paid for this saved order, please login, choose the order number and, when it shows, click on "proceed with payment". Now it will be in your new cart and you may add new items, and/or pay online.

If you have already paid for this order, you will have to find out if it has been shipped. For this purpose you can email us with the order tracking number of your old order and the Ref numbers of the products to be added. Please state also the payment method you intend to use for the additional amount. We will contact you by email with payment instructions.

How can I regenerate my cart, which went missing?

You can only regenerate a missing cart, if you have registered during your initial cart session. Just remember to login, so that our system can keep your cart details. Or, you can search and rebuild your cart.

How long after placing the order will it be shipped?

24-48 hours after arrival of your payment or of the goods in our warehouse, whichever happens last. Of course, this applies only to working days, not to public or official Holidays. It is worth once again pointing out the shipping time implications of the product status and of the payment method chosen:

Item Status
Payment by Credit Card or Paypal
Payment by Bank Cheque, Money Order or Cash

In Stock
Up to 48hrs after Credit Card Payment or paypal notification
Up to 48hrs after receipt of Cheque or Money Order

How long does a parcel need to reach me?

Standard time required for a parcel to reach most destinations is 7-8 working days for European destinations and 8-10 days for non-European destinations. In high season this could stretch to up to a fortnight or be as fast as 5 days in low season. Please do be patient as we post by Indian Speed Post or by Courier which will surely reach you, sooner or later. And, we also provide the tracking number for your parcel so you can track it too.

Please note: We do not ship on Saturdays/Sundays.

I ordered some time ago and still haven't received my order . What next?

If it is longer than 15 days after you have been notified by us that shipment has been sent and you still have not received your package, please check with your local post office / courier. 99% of the cases where we are wondering about a parcel's whereabouts, it is either in the post office waiting to be picked up (because the notification slip has been misplaced, not delivered or lost) or with the courier (who went to your place but found it locked or empty).

In the rare case, that your parcel has still not arrived after 20 days by regular mail, please do notify us in order to initiate a Post Office search for it. For registered airmail, you will be entitled to full refund, as soon as the Post Office proves unable to provide a receipt signature on your side. Sorry, but we cannot offer any compensation for regular airmail losses.

How secure is ordering and paying through Jazzyworkshop.com?

As soon as the order is saved, after the credit card payment option has been chosen, you are being directed from our site's pages to Paypal's SSL (Secure Socket Layer). Thereafter you deal only with the safe Paypal environment, until you are done with payment. Neither us, nor our webhosts or internet providers have access to your credit card details. The whole transaction is taken care by Paypal thereafter.

I have paid by credit card and you are asking for additional information. Why?

Especially with large first-time orders, we will occasionally ask for additional evidence, that you are the actual credit card holder. This evidence will be a faxed/scanned copy of an ID card or a driver's license, for identity verification reasons along with an attested (signed by you) copy of your Paypal payment reciept. We are sorry for the delay that this might cause, but we have to protect both ourselves and the international community from internet fraud. The associated delay will be minimal, if you are able to immediately send the required information. Also, this is required to put you on our preferred customers database.

How often shall I expect you to contact me about my order?

We contact you by email every time your order changes status, i.e.

when the order is received
when payment is received
when your order is shipped
whenever a problem arises with shipment or payment

Can I return an item for full refund?

We have taken extra care to describe every single item accurately, and care is being taken for protective packaging. In case you wish to return an item, please let us know in advance, because we first have to accept your reason of return. We definitely will not refund an item, because you did not like the item you ordered, but we will definitely refund the return of a defective object, or of an item grossly misrepresented in our description.If we refund an item, postage will be born by you.

Missing titles / missing pictures, missing or wrong descriptions

Please feel free to contact us about gaps or mistakes in our database, or for further information needed about an item..

Still unanswered questions???

Please ask by email at recordsindia@yahoo.com


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